Hip Fracture Lawsuit Lawyers For Illinois Slip and Fall Accidents

Hip fractures are common injuries in slip and fall claims, especially among older victims. The hips grow more fragile as we age. Fragile hips combined with decreased balance, dexterity, and strength are a recipe for disaster. Anyone older than 65-years-of-age is at an elevated risk for falling. However, older females are particularly susceptible to breaking a hip in a fall.

Hip fractures are painful, devastating injuries. In many instances, surgery is necessary to repair the damaged bone. Occasionally, the fracture cannot be corrected with surgery and physicians determine that rest and immobilization is the best method of treatment. However, hip joint replacement and implant surgery is an option in some cases.

A series of complications commonly accompany hip fractures. Recovery is arduous and moving becomes nearly impossible without experiencing significant pain. Additionally, older folks find that even after their hip fracture heals, their independence is significantly reduced because ambulating becomes more difficult. Also, hip fractures tend to shorten a person’s life. The lack of mobility can lead to depression and stress which places great strain on an individual’s immune system, causing significant illnesses that can lead to death. It is sad to see, but sometimes older people who cannot move without substantial difficulty seem to give up and lose their will to live. Physicians must be alert for symptoms of blood clots and pneumonia which are common in bedridden people. Those two medical issues, in isolation or concert, can cause the death of the victim. 

Compounding matters is that rehabilitation cannot be done at home. Most people will need to enroll in a long-term nursing facility or nursing home. Leaving the comforts of home behind for the sterile and impersonal environment of a nursing home is depressing to the slip-and-fall victim. Living in a nursing home or rehabilitation facility is very difficult for anyone because people get homesick. 

Pursuing the parties legally responsible for creating the dangerous situation that caused your loved one to fall will help you pay for the incredible medical expenses incurred by your loved one as well as provide compensation for the pain and mental anguish your relative suffered because of another’s negligence.