How Long Does a Car Accident Lawsuit Take in Illinois?

How Long Do Car Accident Lawsuits Take to Settle or Payout in the State of Illinois?

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Car accident lawsuits have no set timeframe from beginning to end. Some cases go quickly, while others take years. The length of time the lawsuit takes depends on a variety of factors. The car accident lawyers from Stein & Shulman understand that a lawsuit might take a long time and it is very easy to lose patience and grow frustrated. Rest assured, we do everything in our power to settle your case without every going to court. If that is not possible, then we will work diligently to get your case ready to go to trial. We pride ourselves on aggressively and vigorously representing our car accident clients to give them the best chance to recover damages for their car accident claim.

There is one deadline with which every person injured in a car crash in Illinois must know. That deadline can be found on our Illinois Statute of Limitations page. In Illinois, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases, like car accidents are two years. That means Stein & Shulman must file a case in court on your behalf before the 2-year anniversary of your car crash. Missing the statute of limitations date is a complete bar to recovery. So important is the statute of limitations date that we will file a case in court to protect your rights even if we are nearing a settlement agreement with the other driver’s insurance company. We cannot, and will not, take a chance on missing that date.

After the case has been entered in court, the parties are free to negotiate a settlement. Lawsuits are fluid creatures. Negotiations tend to slow down after a case is filed in court. The parties focus more clearly on preparing their case for trial. Therefore, the lawyers exchange discovery so they can learn about the other side’s perspective on the case. Discovery can take a long time in very complicated cases, such as those which require the assistance of multiple expert witnesses. Also, if a case such as a drunken-driving accident where there is parallel criminal litigation occurring contemporaneously, the judge will enter an order staying, or freezing, the civil case so that the criminal case takes priority. The civil case will resume after the criminal case is done.

Depending on the judge’s position, and the parties’ position as well, the judge might express a preference for attending alternative dispute resolution in a forum such as mediation or arbitration. Alternative dispute resolution can bring the case to a close more efficiently than going to trial. Both avenues of resolving a case short of trial are beneficial in the right case. Not every case is conducive to alternative dispute resolution.

Many cases settle on the courthouse steps on the eve of trial. Both parties may come to a realization that they do not want to take a chance with a jury, so they reach a settlement instead. However, we will not just enter an agreement to avoid going to trial. It is your decision, and we will counsel you to the best of our ability, but ultimately, you decide whether your case goes to trial or settles.

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