How Much Are Car Accident Lawyers In Illinois?

At Stein & Shulman, we take great pride in providing high-quality legal representation for all of our clients, including car accident victims. The quality of our representation, our dedication to our clients, and our vast experience handling car accident cases has allowed us to win over $40 million in damages for our clients through settlement and trial. We did not collect a fee up front on any of those cases because we believe so strongly in our abilities, our experience, and our resources that rival large firms. Instead, we agree to represent our clients with no fee unless we are successful recovering damages on your behalf.

What Is A Contingency Fee Basis?

Stein & Shulman will represent you and your family on a contingency fee basis. Our fee will be one-third of any financial recovery we obtain for you. As you can see, Stein & Shulman’s car crash lawyers have an incentive to recover as much money as possible for their clients. This fee structure distinguishes vehicle accident attorneys from other lawyers. You will pay a criminal attorney a flat fee for representing you in court and pay a divorce attorney hourly for representation irrespective of your degree of success in the case.

Stein & Shulman understand that suffering a debilitating injury in a car accident will have an adverse effect on your life and your family’s lives. In the first few days after an accident, there is a sense of urgency to make sure that the victim survives the crash –most importantly–before turning attention to the problems that you will now face because of the car accident. You may begin to worry about how you will pay your bills because you are out of work. That is an important concern. Many people experience financial difficulties after a car accident. The bills keep piling up even though you cannot return to work. You must continue to pay your mortgage or rent, utilities, car payment even if it is totaled in the accident, insurance, and other costs of living like food and entertainment.

Building The Strongest Case Possible For Your Maximum Recovery

Stein & Shulman’s Chicago car accident attorneys concentrate on your case so you can focus on putting your life back together. Stein & Shulman’s team of car wreck attorneys will begin immediately assembling all of the evidence needed to make the strongest claim possible. A lot of work goes into correctly preparing a car accident claim. All of the medical records, medical bills, expert medical opinions, police reports, accident reports, wage or salary information, and other evidence like surveillance video (if one exists), photographs, and the 911 recording of the calls for help made in the immediate after the crash need to be assembled before a proper claim is filed with an insurance company. We will do this work for you so that you can continue to concentrate on your recovery and your family’s wellbeing. We will advance these costs for you, so you do not have to dig into your pocket for money. We will recoup our expenses if we are successful on your behalf.


Stein & Shulman: Advocates For The Injured

The auto accident lawyers at our Chicago law firm have a combined 45 years of experience fighting for the rights of our auto accident clients who were injured through no fault of their own. Our legal team is ready to fight for you. We will battle the insurance defense attorneys to recover the compensation you deserve including all of your losses including used sick time, vacation time, medical expenses, property damage, diminished value of your vehicle, lost wages and pain and suffering. In some instances, you may be able to collect punitive damages.

Learn how we can help you by calling Stein & Shulman, LLC right now at 312.422.0500.  The conversation is FREE. There is no fee unless we are successful on your behalf. The auto accident lawyers from Stein & Shulman are available 24/7 to meet your needs and address your concerns.