How to Help Your Attorney During an Illinois Personal Injury Case

If you have been injured and have hired an attorney, you have an important role in your case. Although your attorney will meet all legal deadlines, submit evidence, argue in court, and negotiate settlements on your behalf, your attorney cannot provide the best representation possible without your help. You and your attorney are a team, and you both must work together to obtain the best results possible in your case.

First, it is important to be completely honest with your attorney, even if you are afraid your confessions may negatively impact your case. Often, the “bad” things that clients reveal to their attorneys are not so bad after all and can be easily addressed. If you really do have bad news for your attorney, it is best to address it sooner than later, and certainly before your attorney finds out about it from your opponent in the middle of trial!

Equally important, you must stay in touch with your attorney. In many injury cases, the victim is still undergoing medical treatment throughout the case. Any medical expenses incurred during the case must be added to the victim’s damages claim. Therefore, as soon as you receive a medical bill, you should provide a copy to your attorney. Additionally, you should tell your attorney if any of your doctors have advised that you may need treatment in the future. Make sure you promptly respond to your attorney’s phone calls and emails.

Although it may seem obvious, follow your attorney’s advice. Many clients question their attorneys’ advice after performing a few Google searches on a legal topic. However, a Google search cannot replace years of schooling and experience as an attorney. Although it is perfectly acceptable to bring up any concerns you have about your case, remember that your attorney has your legal interests in mind and has the experience needed to help you reach your goals in your case.

In today’s world, we share everything on social media. When it comes to your personal injury case, stay quiet. Even seemingly innocent Facebook posts, tweets, or Instagram photos can cause major damage in a personal injury case. A good rule of practice is this: do not put anything on the Internet that you would not be comfortable with the entire world seeing—including your opponent in your case. Attorneys happily print out social media posts made by witnesses and opposing parties and submit them as evidence in personal injury cases.

If you follow these guidelines, your attorney will be better prepared to help you maximize the compensation you may be entitled to. Excellent communication between attorneys and their clients is always a major factor in settlement negotiations or in a trial.

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