Icy Surface Slip and Fall Accidents and Liability in Illinois

During the winter, many people slip and fall on slick, icy surfaces. Sometimes those falls lead to severe injuries. While there are plenty of times when no one but the weather can truly be blamed for a fall on an icy walkway, but in some instances, a business owner can be liable for falls on their property. This is not limited to winter-related accidents.

When a person falls on a commercial business’s property, it is important to report the fall and the injuries to the business. There should be a record of the accident occurring. If there were noticeable dangers or hazards on the scene, take note of them, and photographs as well. If anyone witnessed the incident, get their contact information. Of course, it is important to get medical treatment of any injuries. Sometimes injuries are worse than they initially appear, and a doctor should look to see if there are signs of any severe harm. Be sure that the doctor is keeping records of everything.

If the accident took place on a public sidewalk, it is possible that the municipality will be liable for failing to maintain that property properly. These cases can be difficult, but if the city failed in its responsibilities, it might be possible to collect compensation.

If the fall took place at a residence, such as a neighbor’s house, then there is a chance of collecting compensation as well because property owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of social guests and contract worker. However, if the victim was trespassing when they fell, then the property owner will not be responsible for the harm.

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