Illinois Car Accident Broken Bone Injury FAQs

Suffering a broken bone in an accident could be a devastating injury. Human bones do not break easily. Although whether a bone might fracture in an accident depends on several factors including the amount of force applied to the bone, the direction of travel of the energy, the age of the victim, the overall health of the victim, the victim’s lifestyle, overall quality of the victim’s diet. 

How Do Bone Fractures Occur?

The power and direction of the force applied to the bone is the most significant factor in determining why a bone broke. Healthy legs bones should not break when landing after jumping. However, the femur, tibia, and fibula of the human leg can break with greater ease from a sheering impact, like a blunt impact from the side. A typical example of a sheering injury is suffering a broken leg after getting hit by a car while walking or pedaling a bicycle.

Why are Older Adults and Children More likely to Break a Bone?

Younger children and older adults might be more susceptible to broken bones than a healthy adult. Older adults frequently suffer broken hips in slip and fall accidents. Children are more prone to breaking bones because their bones have not grown fully or hardened as an adult’s skeleton would. 

Some bones in the body break more easily no matter the age of the victim. The clavicle, also as the collarbone, breaks more quickly than a person’s femur because of bone density, position in the body, and the amount of musculature surrounding the bone that absorbs some of the forces applied by the impact.

What Damages Can I receive for My Fractured Bone in an Illinois Negligence Case?

Damage awards vary among cases and are very much dependent on the particular facts of the case. As a victim of another’s negligence, you have the right to sue the negligent party for compensation for your medical bills, and money lost out of pocket for incidental damages and lost wages, future medical costs like corrective surgery, physical therapy, as well as pain and suffering. 


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