Illinois Governor, State Police Beg Motorists to Move Over

CHICAGO, Ill. — Illinois Governor JB Pritzker along with the Head of the Illinois State Police joined in a press conference to reiterate to the public that motorists in Illinois must move over when approaching a patrol car with the emergency lights on while roadside according to ABC 7 Chicago.  Governor Pritzker and the State Police reminded Illinois motorists about Scott’s Law, known as the “Move Over Law.” Scott’s Law applies to any first responder who is on the side of the road with an emergency vehicle with its emergency signals activated.

The need to remind motorists to give first responders room on the side of the road in Illinois has never been greater. As of March 26, 2019, 14 Illinois State Troopers have been struck by motor vehicles during traffic stops and other roadside encounters in 2019. One officer died, and the others sustained severe injuries in the collisions. The pace in 2019 far exceeds the number of troopers injured or killed. 

The last incident in which an Illinois State Police officer was injured when he was hit by a car in Collinsville, Illinois while walking along side the road during a traffic stop. The crash occurred on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, according to WQAD. The crash happened when a tractor-trailer truck slammed into the trooper’s patrol car and the trooper. The incident might have been avoided if the motorist followed Scott’s Law by slowing down and moving over. 

Illinois State Police announced that they would engage more troopers to patrol the roads in search of Scott’s Law violators. A driver accused of violating Scott’s Law must go to court to face a judge in response to the allegations. The person accused of violating the law could pay a fine between $100.00 and $10,000.00 and lose their driver’s license to suspension for two years if someone was injured because of the violation.


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