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Bone Fractures Caused in Car Accidents

Broken bones are painful injuries that can take a long time to heal.  Fortunately, though, most broken bones are not permanent injuries, and they do improve eventually.  Before the bone is completely healed, you may need to be immobilized by a cast, splinted, and may even need surgery. Fractured bones in your skull and neck may require complete immobilization and force you to be in the hospital for a very long time. You deserve to receive full compensation for the pain, suffering, inconvenience, and other incidental damages like lost wages caused by broken bones in a car crash. If you or someone you love suffered fractured bones in a Chicago, Illinois car accident, the injury attorneys at Stein & Shulman, LLC can help.

Bones do not break easily. A lot of force must be applied to the bone before it gives way. Sudden impact like car collisions can impart enough force on the bones to cause then to break. The force required to break a bone diminishes with age. However, you are not likely to experience broken bones in a collision in which the vehicles are not damaged. Any crash in which there is property damage can cause bones to break because the force of the collision forces the affected bones into compromising positions, causing a fracture.

Various bones are susceptible to fracture in a car crash. For instance:

  • Bones the in hand, fingers, wrist, and arm are commonly caused by bracing for impact.
  • Facial and skull fractures can occur from striking the dashboard, windshield, or from being thrown from the vehicle. Non-restrained occupants most often suffer these injuries.
  • Legs can get broken from the heavy frontal impact. The force of the crash, from impact from a head-on collision, or crash into an immovable object such as a tree, wall, or other heavy, dense object can crush the passenger compartment of any vehicle.
  • These types of crashes force the engine of the vehicle back into the passenger compartment and crush the space where our legs go. Even our leg bones, which are the strongest in our body, cannot withstand these forces and break.

Rib and hip fractures are also commonly experienced by auto crash victims. These injuries are caused by the forces from the crash counteracted by the seatbelt. The collarbone, or clavicle, is also susceptible to breakage from the forces applied to the body by the shoulder harness of a seatbelt. Clavicle breaks are very common because that bone is the one of the weakest in our body. Ribs can break from striking the dashboard or steering wheel with our chest. Rear impact crashes can cause bone fractures in the back and neck too.

Some bone fractures are easily repaired. For instance, a non-displaced fracture of the wrist is repaired by setting the bones to make certain they are aligned properly and then cast them. Casting prevents shifting or movement of the bones so they can heal correctly. Displaced fractures are not as easily treated. Surgery might be required to realign and reconstruct the fractured bone. Orthopedic surgeons can repair the displaced bones by attaching screws through the bones to force them to realign. Compound fractures are broken bones that come through the outer skin. These types of fractures must be surgically repaired. Bone fractures frequently heal, and the victim returns to normal. Sometimes, that cannot happen. A severely broken leg can end up shorter than the other. Facial fractures may require many plastic surgeries to reconstruct the crash victim’s face. The victim of the accident will need intense physical therapy and perhaps even subsequent surgeries before the bone heals.

Receive Just Compensation For Your Fracture Bones From A Car Accident In Illinois

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