Man Seriously Injured in Motorcycle Accident in Wood River, Illinois

Man Seriously Injured in Motorcycle Accident in Wood River, Illinois

Wood River, Illinois– April 26, 2018 (Belleville News-DemocratAdvantage News, and KMOV 4) According to reports from the Belleville News-DemocratAdvantage News, and KMOV 4,a man was airlifted to the hospital after a single-vehicle motorcycle crash left him with serious injuries to his head.

The accident happened on Thursday afternoon, on Illinois 255. The man was riding on the northbound side of the road when he lost control of it and crashed. He was thrown off of his motorcycle, to the side of the road, where a witness stayed with him until emergency rescue personnel arrived.

While little is known about the recent motorcycle crash described above, it is vital that both riders and drivers understand the causes of motorcycle accidents so they can take steps to prevent them. Any rider is at risk for having an accident any time they use their motorcycle, but the accident risk is higher for inexperienced riders, who are more likely to wreck their bikes than more experienced riders are. While accident risk decreases with rider experience, people who ride motorcycles can also make safe choices when they ride to reduce their accident risk even more. Safe riding involves many things, including avoiding alcohol and drug use and refraining from aggressive riding, speeding, and distractions of any kind.

People who drive passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles can reduce the risk that they will get into an accident with a motorcycle by avoiding distractions while they are driving, and by checking the area around them frequently for motorcycles. Those two safe driving habits reduce the risk that a driver will fail to see a motorcycle and move into its path, hitting it or leaving the rider with insufficient time and space to avoid a collision.



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