Metra Rail Transit System Accident Injury Lawyers in Chicago

Like most major cities, Chicago’s Metra rail transit system is a critical component of the city’s infrastructure and is necessary to help move the city’s inhabitants to and from work and allow city residents to carry out their business efficiently. The Metra system is run by the Metropolitan Rail Corporation, which is itself a division of Illinois’ Regional Transportation Authority. While the Metra system serves as many as 80 million commuters in any given year and does so with a minimal amount of accidents and mishaps, Metra-related accidents can and still do occur – and oftentimes with serious or deadly consequences.

Chicago’s Metra system depends on trained, competent and dedicated professionals in order to avert problems and misfortunes. However, there are any number of situations that can lead to a Metra accident:

  • An operator may be distracted or drowsy, leading him or her to operate the Metra train in an unsafe manner. For example, a drowsy operator may be unaware of the speed of the Metra train he or she is driving, leading to the train approaching stations or navigating turns at dangerous speeds.
  • Train equipment may be defective or not functioning properly. If these defective parts are not identified and replaced, they may lead to a derailment or other catastrophic event;
  • Dangers present at Metra stations – dangers from either other passengers or from defects at the stations themselves – need to be identified and corrected, if possible, so as to make the stations safe for commuters.

When an injury or death occurs while riding Metra or while waiting for a Metra train, the RTA may not be as helpful or forthcoming with answers as may be desired. It may take the skill and tenacity of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to help Metra accident victims obtain the evidence and documentation related to their accident that will be necessary to pursue a claim for compensation against the RTA.


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