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Motorcycle and Bike Door Accidents

One of the biggest threats to motorcycles on the road is, no doubt, other cars. Vehicles bigger than a motorcycle, like cars and trucks, all too often fail to account for the presence of motorcycles on the roadways. Motorcycles are more difficult to see and other motorists tend to neglect this fact. Unfortunately, it is not just vehicles on the roadway that pose a threat to motorcycles. Vehicles parked on the side of the road have also proven to be a significant threat to the safety of motorcyclists. 

Are Motorcycle and Bike Door Accidents Common?

Did you know that it is not uncommon for motorcyclists and bike riders to be struck by vehicle passengers opening car doors directly into their pathways? It sounds kind of ridiculous at first, but it is true. When cars, trucks, and other vehicles are parked on the side of the road, they are a prominent threat to motorcycles that pass nearby. Motorcycles and bikes tend to drive towards the side of traffic lanes so that they can be seen by other drivers on the road. Sometimes, there may be a designated bike lane between the side of the road and the lanes of traffic. If a driver or passenger of a car parked on the side of the road is not paying attention, he or she could easily open up the door directly in front of oncoming motorcyclists and bicyclists.

When a motorcyclist or bicyclist is not given enough time to safely navigate away from a car door that has opened in front of them, collision is inevitable. The force of impact can throw the motorcycle rider from the motorcycle or the bicyclists from the bike. The rider can even end up landing right in the middle of traffic. It can be a truly devastating situation and lead to significant injuries including head injuries, debilitating spine injuries, and can even prove to be fatal.

Drivers of cars and trucks can take steps to prevent these often tragic accidents from occurring. Remaining focused, attentive, and free from distractions can be of central importance. One of the reasons for these accidents is that motorists often do not pay attention when exiting their vehicles. These types of accidents are easily preventable when people take due care.

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