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Neck Pain and Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Chicago, Illinois

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Neck pain is a common injury people suffer after a car accident. Neck pain can be a symptom of an injury also known as whiplash. However, car accidents can cause more damage than whiplash. Neck injuries can be very painful and debilitating, forcing people to miss work and alter their home lives. The Chicago car accident attorneys with Stein & Shulman are dedicated to achieving justice for their clients whose lives were negatively affected by neck pain after a car crash. The car crash lawyers with Stein & Shulman are highly experienced personal injury attorneys who have a reputation for aggressively pursuing damages on behalf of their clients.

How Do Car Crashes Cause Neck Injuries?

Car crashes can cause neck injuries due to the flexing of the neck. Neck injuries most frequently occur in rear-end crashes. The neck is vulnerable in rear-end crashes because it is exposed. Unlike the thoracic and lumbar spine areas which are protected by the seat and the seatbelt is used. When a car strikes another from behind, the occupants of the car that was struck get violently thrown forward. The only mechanism stopping the head from moving is the joints, muscles, ligaments, and bones of the neck. Upon impact, the head is thrown forward and then backward with great violence. If there is no headrest, then the neck can bend over the top of the seat backward.

The flexion of the neck damages the muscles and ligaments because they are stretched beyond their limit. Additionally, neck damage can occur when a vehicle is struck on its doors in a “T-bone” collision. The head will get violently cast to the side and then to the other. Again, the only restraints on that movement are the muscles and ligaments that get pulled and stretched. Some experts believe that this particular sideways motion can cause disc herniation.

Why is Neck Pain Problematic?

Neck pain is problematic for a variety of reasons. We would never know how much our life depends on turning our heads from side-to-side or from looking up or down. We rely on the full range of motion in our necks to perform many daily tasks. Driving, lifting our children, lifting boxes, carrying items, performing tasks around the house such as cleaning or mowing the yard.

Going to work is difficult, if not impossible, as well. Driving is a tough task. Additionally, sitting at a computer, talking on a phone and the like will be a painful burden to bear. If you work on a construction site or perform other physical labor, working with a neck injury without sufficient accommodations will be virtually impossible.

Damages Available For Neck Pain Illinois Car Accident Laws

The nature and extent of the damages you could receive largely depend on how the neck pain affected you. How much money you could recover damages for lost wages, loss of future income, medical bills, both present, and future, as well as pain and suffering.

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