New Research Indicates Head Injuries and Fractures Often Caused by E-Scooters

A recent study indicates that head injuries and fractures are commonly caused injuries among people who ride e-scooters. The study looked at 249 people who were treated for injuries after being involved in crashes on scooters. The research was conducted at two facilities, The UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica and Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, both of which are located in areas where scooter riding has rapidly become a popular form of transportation.

Dr. Tarak Trivedi, who was one of the researchers to work on the study, stated that there are thousands of people using e-scooters making it important to understand the injuries affiliated with these devices.

By far, the most common cause of scooter injuries is falls, which lead to 80 percent of all e-scooter accidents. Another 11 percent involve collisions between the scooters and objects, and about 9 percent are the result of crashes between scooters and motor vehicles.

The study was published in JAMA and is the first study on the types of injuries caused by e-scooters to be published.

The study also found that while most injured people were riding the scooters, 8 percent of the injured people pedestrians who were hit by the vehicles or who tripped over scooters that were discarded.

Just 4 percent of the injured people used helmets, despite the fact that helmet use is recommended for anyone using an e-scooter.

Head injuries made up around 40 percent of the injuries that led people to the emergency room making helmet use extremely important.

The patterns of injury seen were compared to those that were caused by Segways when they entered the market in the early 2000s.

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