One Injured in Wreck in Tinley Park, Illinois

July 11, 2018– Tinley Park, Illinois ( reports that at least one person got hurt in a two-vehicle collision that happened near Brookside Marketplace. The injured person was transported to Franciscan Health Olympia Fields hospital for treatment of their injuries, and one of the wrecked vehicles had to get towed out of a cornfield.

The injuries of the accident victim are not described in the article mentioned above. Car accident victims often suffer from multiple injuries. Did you know that brain injury is one of the most common types of injuries associated with car crashes? Many victims of automobile wrecks suffer varying degrees of brain injury. From concussions to skull fractures that cause the brain to bruise or bleed, the brain can be harmed by the impact of a collision and the motion of a person’s body during a crash as well as the force of their head colliding with objects inside or outside of the vehicle, depending upon what happens during the collision.

Unfortunately, brain injuries are some of the most challenging injuries for people to recover from. Recovery can be slow, and recovery from a brain injury is often marked by times where measurable progress is being made, followed by periods of time where the injured person seems to be making little to no improvement. Sometimes, it can take years for an accident victim to regain their previous level of brain function. Unfortunately, some accident victims who suffer brain injuries are unable to recover fully and experience permanent disabilities.

Brain injuries are not always immediately noticeable to the injured person. Since brain injuries are a threat to a person’s life and health, anyone who gets into a car crash should see a doctor right away so that they can get checked for injuries, including brain injuries. Prompt treatment of brain injuries gives accident victims the best chance of surviving and making a complete recovery.

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