Pedestrian Safety Tips for Pedestrians in Chicago, Illinois

In large cities such as Chicago, sharing the road with pedestrians is a fact of life. Tragically, thousands of pedestrians are killed every year in accidents. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 5,376 pedestrians were killed in 2015 alone. That’s more than 14 deaths per day caused by pedestrian accidents. What can both pedestrians and drivers do to stay safe on public roads?

Tips for pedestrians

As you walk around in public, you should make sure that you are visible to drivers and other motorists. During the daytime, brightly colored clothing is a good idea. At night, carry a flashlight or wear a blinking light. Additionally, if you have to cross the street, make sure you do so in brightly lit areas.

When possible, walk on the sidewalk. However, some streets do not have sidewalks. In this case, you should walk facing traffic. Walking against traffic allows you to both see and hear any hazards that may be heading in your direction.

Stay off of your phone while you are walking around—do not stare down at your screen while you are walking, and do not play music loudly in your headphones.

When crossing the street, always use a designated crosswalk. Look both ways carefully before you cross, especially at night. Keep an eye out for cars that are turning across the crosswalk.

Tips for drivers

As a motorist, you are no match for a pedestrian if an accident occurs. Pedestrians are extremely vulnerable and at risk of suffering serious—even fatal—injuries in the event of an accident.

As you drive down the road, look carefully for pedestrians who may walk out from behind parked cars and other large structures. Make sure you slow down as you approach crosswalks, even if you have the right of way.

Before exiting your vehicle, look around for pedestrians before opening your door.

Once the sun starts going down, do not forget to turn on your headlights.

Make sure you are not distracted as you drive. Silence your phone, put down your GPS device, and keep your eyes on the road. Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents every day in the United States.

Reduce your speed in bad weather. In especially bad weather, motorists may be stranded and may be walking to the nearest gas station or business for shelter and assistance. In rain and snow, it takes longer for a car to come to a complete stop.

By following these important safety tips, you will be able to prevent pedestrian accidents. Whether you are walking or are driving, it is important to remain vigilant at all times and to be as cautious as possible.

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