Uber Driver Accident Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois

The ability to use applications and rideshare companies such as Uber has become increasingly popular in cities all over the United States, including Chicago. Their convenience, user-friendly applications and competitive prices continue to make these ridesharing options an easy choice for you and on your wallet. Rideshare technology and the ability to use its service is still relatively new and unregulated, yet questions regarding liability and insurance coverage in the occurrence of an accident are already forming. Complexities arise surrounding the question of “Who is liable?” as the number of drivers and accidents continue to occur. If you or someone you love has recently been involved in an accident with an Uber driver that resulted in injury, you probably have many questions as to who can be held liable and how you can recover for the pain and suffering endured.

Compensation for an Uber Driver Accident in Chicago

In order to recover in a claim filed against an Uber driver or rideshare company, certain legal elements such as fault and damages must be proven. Uber drivers, for example, are not considered to be employees of Uber, but rather are positioned as independent contractors. Uber may use this to quickly deny any injury claims regarding their liability. A skilled Chicago accident attorney will understand the employment and accident laws in Illinois, and protect your legal rights against these rideshare and insurance companies.

In addition, rideshare drivers are required to download and use devices and applications that often divert their attention off the road. If an Uber driver was using this required technology or was otherwise distracted, they may be at fault for the accident. Uber also does not require a rigorous screening process when hiring individuals who wish to become rideshare drivers. Therefore, many of these drivers do not have the qualifications, training or experience necessary to transport clients on a regular basis, which can lead to dangerous and unfit circumstances.

Let our firm help you navigate the complexities of a rideshare accident claim to achieve the best recovery possible. Filing a claim and battling insurance companies can be complicated, but not with the help of a skilled and qualified legal team. Our Chicago accident law firm has over 45 years of experiencing helping victims of auto accidents recover from those held responsible. We maintain the most relevant legal knowledge as it pertains to the ever-evolving changes in legal issues, such as ridesharing accident liability. Our legal team is qualified to handle your matter, regardless of the circumstances at hand and looks forward to answering your questions and lead you to recovery.

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