Northbrook Back Injury Lawyers

Back pain can be tough to handle. Any back pain or discomfort disrupts our lives and takes away our freedom. Everything we do in life, whether it is work, play, care for our loved ones, or even walking involves our back in some manner. Pain, discomfort, or injury anywhere to your back may take a very long time to heal and may never feel right again. You deserve to be fully compensated for your back pain if you were a victim in a car crash. You have the right to be made whole again. The personal injury attorneys in Northbrook at Stein & Shulman understand what it means to live with back pain and how important it is that you be compensated for your injuries.

Accident victims commonly suffer back or spinal injuries from the powerful shock caused by a car collision and the contortion or twisting of the upper body. Twisting of the upper body happens when a seatbelt tightly restrains a passenger asymmetrically to the seat. One part of the body is bound to the car seat while the forces from the crash act upon the non-restrained body parts. It is the uncontrolled twisting that causes back injury.

Car crash victims suffer differing injuries depending upon the way the accident happened. Many accident victims suffer from muscle sprains and strains as a result of an accident. These injuries are known as soft tissue injuries and can last for a few weeks. However, the more severe impact between the vehicles can cause the pain to last much longer.  Muscle damage can cause stabbing or shooting pains. Furthermore, muscle injuries can cause and result in limited flexibility and mobility as well.

The brutal forces of a car crash can also cause other physical harm, including disc herniation, pinched or impinged nerves, and spinal cord injuries. Automobile and motorcycle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries in the United States. Motor vehicle crashes account for 35% of all new spinal cord injuries annually.  Spinal cord injuries occur from traumatic or sudden shock or blow to the spine that injures the spinal cords, discs, or the vertebrae protecting the spinal cord.

See a doctor right away if you suffered back injuries in a car crash. This is to your benefit because:

  • Your doctor will be able to diagnose and treat your symptoms.
  • Seeking immediate treatment will also allow your physician to decide on a course of treatment designed to prevent further injury and help you get on the road to recovery. You should precisely follow the advice your doctor gives you.
  • Doing so will help your claim because the insurance company’s lawyers will know that you take your injury seriously and that you are not malingering. The insurance company’s lawyers may be quicker to settle with you because they know if your case goes to court, a jury will take you seriously which could cost the insurance company a lot more money if they risk going to trial.
  • You must take your medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Be careful when taking opium-based prescriptions, such as Percocet. Over-reliance on prescription painkillers can lead to addiction. Furthermore, you should follow up with your doctors as prescribed and attend physical therapy.

Another way to improve your chances of recovery from pain and suffering related to back injuries from a car crash is to keep a journal. Record how you feel every day, no matter if they are good days or bad days. You should include the level of pain you are suffering and how your back pain has impacted your life. Include in your journal comments about how hard it is to work or how hard playing with your children can be because of the pain.

Take Back Injuries Seriously, Speak to an Attorney

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