Chicago Roofing Accidents

It should come as no surprise that falls are the leading cause of death in construction-related accidents. Almost 1 in 4 deaths that occur at a construction site or project are related to a fall to a lower level. Roofing accidents also involve injuries related to transferring from a ladder to the elevated surface and possible burns from hot tar or the failure to have the proper safety equipment or training for the job. Construction workers are asked to work in very dangerous conditions and circumstances and very often these accidents could have been prevented. Calling one of the lawyers at our law firm and asking questions as to the facts of your fall and an explanation of your legal rights is free of charge.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a national organization that governs how construction sites and projects need to operate and the rules that must be followed when workers are called upon to work from roofs. Workers that are asked to work from heights 6 feet or more above lower levels must have proper fall protection gear and the proper equipment for their assigned task. They also must be trained and then supervised to ensure that they are operating safely and not exposed to dangerous conditions. Working from elevated heights is just one concern for the roofer or construction worker assigned to work upon a roof.

Another of the many concerns is that he or she must work on a surface that is steep or severely sloped. Was the worker provided slide guards, lanyards or rollouts to assist their footing and prevent falls? Fall protection equipment needs to be provided to the worker and the proper training must be provided in how to use it and then a plan must be in place to ensure it’s being used safely. Hence, proper and adequate supervision must be present to ensure that all these various pieces are in place.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that over 150,000 workers each year in this country need emergency care for roofing accidents. Other studies indicate that over 80% of workers surveyed said that their employers did not provide them with adequate equipment or fall protection to perform roofing related work. This is startling given that violations of OSHA for roofing injuries could result in criminal fines.

In addition to the facts of the accident, the worker that’s injured is now focused on his injury and recovery. They have serious concerns about supporting their family and paying their bills if they are unable to work, so ensuring that they are receiving their benefits for lost wages and that medical treatment is being provided and the medical bills are being paid is critical.

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