We have become an increasingly mobile and sociable society. The stories of going to town annually to buy staples that could not be raised or made on the farm and of entire communities rarely traveling beyond the limits of their quaint hometown horizons are stories of the distant past. As a whole, Americans tend to relocate and travel frequently. We intermix readily with different social groups; enjoy different cultures in shops and/or restaurants; and devote much of our secular, social, and recreational time on property owned and operated by others. Despite our best efforts to practice commonsense personal safety and security measures, sometimes bad things happen to good people. Our experienced Chicagoland negligent security lawyers have fully employed our 45 years of collective experience to obtain over $40 million in judgments and settlements for our personal injury victims.

Duty of Property Owners and Business Operators to Provide Adequate Security

Businesses and landlords have a responsibility to reasonably provide for the safety of those individuals who are present on their property, which includes taking adequate measures to prevent reasonably foreseeable criminal conduct. A property owner who fails to do so might be subject to a premises liability lawsuit for serious injuries or wrongful death suffered by patrons or tenants. Property owners should be aware that ultimately it is their responsibility to employ reasonable measures to ensure the safety of their customers and tenants. This could include utilizing security measures that include automatic locking doors, caution signs, security guards, surveillance cameras, and sufficient lighting, among other potential security measures.

Without reasonable, preemptive and deterrent security, innocent tenants or customers may become victims of injuries resulting from violent crimes, such as robbery, rape, abduction, sexual assault, and even death. Statistics prove that visible security measures can deter crime because they minimize a criminal’s confidence level regarding the commission of an offense without the prospect of an arrest and conviction. Illinois law provides that a commercial property owner has an obligation to implement appropriate security measures if the property is in an area prone to criminal activity, which may even include hiring security guards or off-duty police officers.

Experiences, such as these typically are traumatic for victims and their families, and they might result in long-term physical and emotional injuries. The laws and circumstances covering each individual case can vary widely and be very complex, so it is important to promptly contact an experienced Chicago negligent security attorney. While no business or property owner can prevent all crimes and injuries resulting from the criminal acts of third-parties, they do have a responsibility to make sure they take reasonable precaution to prevent foreseeable criminal conduct.

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