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Children on a playground

Playgrounds are places where children can have fun, exercise, and develop social skills. What could delight us more as parents than observing our children gleefully playing on a playground, listening to their joyful laughter as they swing and slide? We find peace of mind in knowing our kids are safe while we supervise them. We have confidence that the monkey bars are well-maintained and that the municipality or school has gone the extra mile to guarantee the equipment stays welcoming and suitable for children.

Unfortunately, playgrounds also present risks of accidents and injuries due to various factors such as defective equipment, inadequate supervision, or lack of maintenance. If your child has been injured on a playground due to negligence or unsafe conditions, you need a compassionate and experienced attorney to advocate for their rights. At Stein & Shulman, LLC, we specialize in representing families affected by playground injuries in Northbrook. With our dedication and expertise, we are committed to seeking justice and fair compensation for your child’s injuries.

Common Causes of Playground Injuries

There are multiple reasons why injuries occur on playgrounds, including:

  • Inadequate upkeep: Playgrounds demand consistent upkeep to maintain safety for children. Deteriorated apparatus, malfunctioning components, and hazardous conditions like protruding objects on the ground pose risks of needless harm.
  • Insufficient monitoring: Should child injuries stem from inadequate supervision, you might have grounds for legal action against the individual or entity responsible. Vigilant supervision is essential to prevent injuries stemming from improper equipment use or interactions among children.
  • Perilous premises: Elements of a property such as open water bodies, lack of barriers, exposed roots, or hazardous substances can result in injuries while children engage in playground activities. Such issues often hinge on the liability of the property owner.
  • Faulty and hazardous playground gear: Injuries may sometimes result from defects in playground equipment. In such instances, the manufacturer or distributor could bear responsibility for your child’s injuries.
  • Substandard playground construction: On private properties, playground injuries may occur due to improper assembly of equipment by the owner. Structural flaws leading to collapse, components causing finger injuries, or ground surfaces being too hard to cushion falls can result in property owner liability.

Initiating a premises liability claim for compensation begins with identifying the cause of your child’s injuries and determining fault for the incident. Establishing these factors might necessitate an inquiry, documentation of the playground, witness interviews, and other investigative measures.

Engaging a seasoned legal team can streamline the process of pursuing your case, offering support to you and your family during this challenging period. You need not confront the issue of an unsafe playground alone.

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Contact a Northbrook Playground Accident Attorney 

If your child sustained injuries at a private school, daycare, or public playground, you might have legitimate reasons to pursue legal action against the institution, municipality, or responsible individual for failing to uphold a safe environment or adequately supervise your child during play. Filing a lawsuit could result in compensation covering your child’s medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and other related damages.

At Stein & Shulman, LLC, we understand how devastating the injuries caused by playground accidents can be. Contact our Northbrook personal injury lawyers today to schedule your free consultation.

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