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Millions of people shop at Walgreens locations around the country every single day. Walgreens was founded in Chicago in 1901, and it now operates over 8,000 stores. Walgreens sells cosmetics, household items, office supplies, greeting cards, groceries, and a variety of other items. As in any store, people fall and are injured in Walgreens stores and, as a result, they are entitled to compensation for their injuries if Walgreens is proven to be negligent.

A store may be liable for a slip and fall incident if the store had notice of a hazard and failed to remove it or warn others about it. If a can of soup falls and breaks open, the store may be liable if employees noticed the spill, did not clean it up promptly, and a patron slipped and fell and injured himself. The store may not be liable, however, if a customer slips and falls just five minutes after the spill occurs.

How Can Victims Prove When a Spill Happened?

The time at which a spill occurs is often the center of slip and fall cases. However, how can a customer know when a spill occurred?

A victim’s attorneys will review security footage to see if any cameras were recording at the time the material was spilled. If so, the timestamps on the footage can be noted to see when the spill happened and when the victim fell.

If there is no security footage, other types of evidence may be used. For example, other shoppers in the store may remember seeing the spill while they shopped. Timestamps on their receipts may provide clues.

Often, clues about the spilled material itself can be used in a slip-and-fall claim. Consider a woman who slips and falls in spilled milk. She distinctly remembers that the milk was not cold, but was warm. This shows that the milk had been on the floor for quite some time since it had come to room temperature.

Avoiding Slip and Fall Claims

Although many slip-and-fall claims are unavoidable, there are some steps you can take to avoid the headache of a slip-and-fall claim as you are shopping.

First, remain vigilant. Don’t walk and text, for example. Be aware of your surroundings and check the aisles you are walking on.

Many stores will try to claim that you are at fault if you fall. Make sure your shoelaces are tied and that any straps on your shoes are secure to avoid such claims.

Don’t walk into areas that are roped off—stores will argue you had no authority to be in these areas.

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