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Everyday activities can, unfortunately, result in debilitating shoulder injuries. Shoulder injuries can create excruciating pain, hinder your quality of life, and can be an expensive incident to medically overcome. Our team of personal injury attorneys collectively has over 45 years of experience helping clients faced with shoulder injuries overcome their pain and suffering, both physically and financially.

While analyzing the details surrounding where and how your injury occurred, our legal expertise can help you through the process step by step to reach success. Shoulder injuries can be complicated when dealing with other parties, employers and insurance companies, but they don’t have to be with the help of a qualified Chicago Personal Injury Attorney. Through years of experience handling cases just like yours, our firm has developed ample knowledge of the legal system and understands what your case needs in order to be successful.

Chicago Shoulder Injury Representation You Can Count On

Oftentimes, shoulder injuries occur while working on the job and can result from a variety of different kinds of work activities. Whether your job requires you to lift heavy parcels, perform overhead work, or push or pull heavy equipment, our team understands how strenuous your work can be and the care you deserve as a result of your injury. Shoulder injuries can be incredibly painful, expensive and may require you to take time off of work or even change career paths or jobs.

File a Claim to Recover Loss of Wages and Medical Expenses

If you are injured while performing your work duties, Illinois offers workers’ compensation to employees. Although it is available, it is not always easy to acquire despite your right to receive it. As an injured worker you are entitled to compensation for medical expenses such as steroid injection treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, permanent work restrictions and disability, and lost wages you incurred as a result of your inability to work. Our Chicago legal team understands the frustrations many undertake in order to file a claim to receive compensation that is rightfully theirs. For that reason, we are passionate about helping those who are suffering obtain the support they need as easily and efficiently as possible.

Chicago Should Injury Attorneys – Get the Compensation You Deserve

Our Chicago Shoulder Injury Attorneys will stand up to large insurance companies, so you don’t have to. The attorneys at Stein & Schulman look forward to speaking with you about your incident and helping you successfully file a claim to receive the compensation you deserve. We pride ourselves in working as a team with our clients by supporting their needs and defending their legal rights. Our firm doesn’t collect until our clients do and we will work hard to fight your case to success.

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