Reckless Driving: Lower Wacker Drag Racing

Last Saturday morning there was a drag racing-related fatality on Lower Wacker, which involved friends in a Jeep and a BMW, traveling westbound on Lower Wacker at a high rate of speed and the driver of the BMW, identified as Jose Luviano Jr., was killed when his vehicle hit a concrete pillar, reported Chicago Sun Times.

Downtown Alderman Brendan Reilly has come up with a solution to the Lower Wacker Drag Racing that involves both physical improvement and legislative crackdown. The alderman will propose an ordinance at the City Council meeting next week to establish “No Cruising Zones” and a new late-night “No Parking/No Standing/No Stopping Tow Zone” along Wacker Drive between Stetson Avenue and Field Boulevard, according to the Chicago Tribune. The purpose of this ordinance is to make it tougher for drivers to congregate on Lower Wacker Drive for drag racing, drifting, and other reckless driving.

As further efforts to put an end to this public safety concern, the alderman has conferred with the Chicago Department of Transportation and plans to install new barricades, speeds bumps and safety signage on Lower Wacker Drive to deter drag racing reported the Chicago Sun Times. Additionally, the alderman has ordered more surveillance cameras to be installed on Lower Wacker Drive and Lower Randolph as a solution to help police respond to these auto-related incidents in real-time.

It is important to use the tragedy that happened last Saturday on Lower Wacker as a lesson about the dangers of driving recklessly. Illinois law defines reckless driving as driving in a way that demonstrates and willful and wanton disregard for the safety and property of other people. 625 ILCS 11-503. A blend of factors including but not limited to the warmer weather and the young motorist out of school for the summer increases the risk of an auto accident caused by a reckless driver. It is important to drive cautiously and report to the police if you observe another motorist driving recklessly.  Unfortunately however some accidents are completely unavoidable.  If you were involved in an accident here is brief summary of the steps you should take to protect your rights.

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