A large percentage of the cases we handle at Stein & Shulman, LLC are referred to us by other attorneys. The professional relationships that we have developed and cultivated with our fellow attorneys are critical to our firm’s success. Essential to our continued referrals is not only our ability to handle and resolve cases quickly for maximum value, but our understanding that the manner in which you treat referring attorneys helps to ensure a longstanding and continuing relationship.

We understand that some personal injury cases may fall outside the scope of your practice or are beyond your resources because they require the retention of liability or medical experts. This can be true especially where the cause of a slip and fall will require expert opinions or an auto case that will require an accident reconstruction expert to establish liability. Our firm has the experience and resources to properly handle personal injury cases with difficult liability. We have developed strong relationships with experts in many disciplines and specialties. Moreover, our firm’s background in appellate work and writing has allowed it to flourish in terms of successfully handling and resolving complex cases.

Referring attorneys know when dealing with our firm that (i) they are included in agreements executed by the clients, (ii) that the fee split between our firm and our referring attorneys are second to none, (iii) that future business coming from the referred client will also be considered a referral and (iv) that the matter referred will be handled aggressively.

Our law firm handles a variety of personal injury matters extending from simple auto claims to complicated construction negligence accidents. To view a summary of our firm’s practice area specialties, visit our Practice Areas tab on the top of our website’s home page. Whether the matter is outside your practice area specialty or you are contacting us from a different state, your best path is to give us a call at 312.422.0500– we will maximize the value of your case.