Rollover Accident on Interstate 74 in Henry County, Illinois

July 11, 2018– Urbana, Ohio – reports that a young man from Ohio is dead following a July 5 rollover wreck on Interstate 74 in Henry County, Illinois. Eli Stickley was driving to Iowa to visit his sister when his pickup truck went off the road. It appears as though Stickley tried to steer his vehicle back onto the road and overcorrected, as often happens when a driver veers onto the shoulder or median. His truck rolled across the street before coming to a stop in the passing lane. Eli Stickley and his passenger were taken to a hospital, where Stickley was pronounced dead. Stickley is survived by his twin sister, his parents, and other family members including his uncle, Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan.

Rollover accidents frequently happen in situations like the one described above, where a vehicle leaves the roadway, and the driver tries to bring it back onto the road. Some cars roll over much more easily than others do. It is unclear whether there was an elevated rollover risk associated with the type of vehicle involved in the accident above, but the risk of a rollover crash does vary among vehicles. In general, the cars that have the highest rollover risk have a shape that is tall and narrow, which gives them a high center of gravity. Many SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks have a high center of gravity, and they can be rolled over with less force than it would take to roll over a vehicle with a low, wide stance, which has a lower center of gravity. The manufacturers of some cars have tried to decrease rollover risk by building cars with stability control features that minimize the risk of a rollover by detecting overcorrections and compensating for them by braking automatically or variable ride height suspensions that adjust in an attempt to balance the vehicle as it moves along.

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