School Zone Pedestrian Accidents in Chicago

Injury and Wrongful Death Lawsuits

In Chicago and all across Illinois, motorists encounter signs instructing them to slow to 20 or 25 miles per hour when entering a school zone. Some school zone signposts may incorporate flashing yellow lights designed to alert motorists when they must obey the school zone speed posted. Crossing guards and even school resource police officers might take a post to mind the crosswalks within a school zone, and police officers could assess enhanced fines and penalties for speeding through school zones. Notwithstanding all of the protections afforded students making their way to and from school every morning and afternoon, children are struck by speeding, careless drivers who refuse to obey the school zone speed limits among other laws installed to protect our kids.

Many school zone accidents could have been prevented with more attention given by the drivers to driving safely. Speeding, driving while distracted, texting and driving, and negligent driving all contribute to the nearly 25,000 school zone accidents that happen each year near America’s schools. To be sure, the unpredictability of children, especially younger school children who ran out into the street unexpectedly, contributed to some school zone pedestrian accidents that happen every school year. However, the unpredictability of children underscores the need for motor vehicle operators to drive slowly and carefully in Chicago school zones.

Motorists need to understand how much distance a car needs to stop. Even at a 20 miles per hour, a standard passenger car needs 23 feet to come to a full stop after the driver depresses the brake pedal. A driver who is not paying close attention to the road will react more slowly to an emergency, and the stopping distance will increase. Stopping distances will increase as the weight of the vehicle increases. It is imperative that people driving near Chicago schools pay close attention to the road and vigilantly look out for dangers lurking in a school zone. 

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