Semi Crash Injures One on Saturday in Effingham, Illinois

EFFINGHAM, IL- writes that the driver of a semi-truck sustained injuries in a single-vehicle crash that occurred on Interstate 70 near Effingham on Saturday, January 12, 2019. The driver was traveling eastbound in a Freightlinertruck when the vehicle veered off of the road and into a ditch and a fence before stopping on the side of the road. The crash took place at 6:29 in the morning.*

The driver was taken to the HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital for treatment. Police filed charges against the driver, 38-year-old Tarina K Stone, for driving too fast for conditions.

The snowy roadways caused a number of crashes across the state on Saturday. Many of the incidents were the result of vehicles sliding off of the road because of the icy, slushy pavement. Driving in wintry weather is dangerous and difficult. It is often best to avoid driving in snow storms to prevent being involved in a collision. When people do drive in the snow and ice, it is important to travel at a safe speed. Speed limits are posted with the appropriate speed for ideal driving conditions- which means dry,sunny days. Traveling at the speed limit can still be far too fast for the road conditions. When snow is falling, visibility issues can create an additional driving hazard.

Salt can help reduce the risk of crashes by about 88 percent. It is best to stay on roads that have been salted to decrease the risk of sliding.

More than 1,300 people die because of accidents caused by winter weather every year and many more sustain injuries.

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