Slip and Fall Liability in Illinois

Slip and fall injuries are common. People often fall because of slippery flooring or objects that are in a walkway. Injuries may occur at a business or residence, and they can take place at a person’s place of employment. There are many factors that determine whether theinjured individual can collect compensation for the harm the fall caused them, and how much compensation the person can recover.

In order to recover compensation, the injured partyneeds to show that someone was negligent and that the other individual or entity’s negligence led to the victim’s injuries. Negligence is the term used to describe a person’s disregard for other people’s safety, andfailure to act as a reasonable person would act given a certain set of circumstances.

In slip and fall cases, the question is often whether the potentially liable individual or entity had the opportunity to notice the dangerous situation and to take steps to eliminate or minimize the danger. For instance, if a floor at a supermarket was wet because a customer dropped a bottle of water on the floor, and then another customer slipped on that water, the question will be whether the shop and its workers had the opportunity to see the spilled water and either clean it up or at least place a warning sign at the spot in order to help people avoid walking on the slippery surface.

If the water was spilled only a few seconds before the person fell, the employees of the store would not have had the opportunity to react. However, if the spill had sat for some time, and if employees were aware of the spill, but did nothing, then the shop may have been negligent.

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