South Side Developer is Killed in Tragic I-57 Accident

Car AccieDecember 10, 2017 – (CBS Local – Chicago)

Traffic along I-57 (near Matteson) was at a stand still for several hours Friday night due to a very tragic and fatal car accident which claimed the life of a prominent Chicago developer.

Sandra Torres, of CBS 2, stated in her report that two men had been tragically killed in catastrophic traffic accident Friday night. We are sad to report that Mr. Jacob Dochee who was beloved for his community service has passed due to the serious injuries he received during the accident.

It has been reported that at approximately 8:45 PM, Mr. Dochee and 26-year-old Samieh Jawdat were tragically killed on southbound on I-57. According to Illinois State Police, the driver had lost control of the vehicle and the car was sent directly into the trees along the West Side of I-57. Both men were pronounced dead at the accident scene.

Members of the community are saddened and shocked upon hearing the news of Mr. Dochee’s untimely death. Mr. Dochee was know for helping to build up the local community. He was known by locals as “Jacob Da Builder” and had built many homes throughout the Bronzeville community.

Mr. Dochee will be remembered as one of the African American developers who gave back to the black community. He was also an investor in the black communities. He will be remembered as a hero and a man who cared deeply for the community of Bronzeville.

Police have not disclosed the driver of the vehicle at the time of the accident and the accident is still under investigation.

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