Steel Worker Died in Train Accident at East Chicago Steel Mill

EAST CHICAGO, Ind. — The Herald & Review reported that a union steelworker employed by ArcelorMittal died at work during the morning hours of Tuesday, April 2, 2018. The steelworker died when the engine on which he worked struck a railcar on a nearby track in the Indiana Harbor Steel mill’s raw materials yard. Authorities are attempting to figure out what happened to cause the worker’s death. Several agencies including OSHA, East Chicago Police, and Fire personnel, the Lake County Coroner, and staff from ArcelorMittal and the United Steel Workers union are all involved in the investigation. *

The Lake County Coroner’s Office told the Northwest Indiana Times that a 49-year-old steelworker from Schererville died at the scene of the accident. The coroner’s office said they received the call for service at 11:20 a.m. Tuesday morning and pronounced the worker deceased around 12:30 p.m. The Lake County Coroner’s office said the manner and means of death have yet to be determined and could be released pending the final reports after a post-mortem examination.

Preliminarily, authorities said that the worker who died was working on a train engine in the Number 7 raw materials yard at Indiana Harbor. The engine crashed into a railcar on the next track. The collision inflicted lethal wounds on the man. There was no information about how the crash happened or whether all safety regulations were followed. The man who died was the only person injured in the incident. He was an employee in that section of the plant since 2007 and was a steelworker for 17 years.

The fallen steelworker was the first person to die at the plant in 15 months. The last worker who died there was killed in December of 2017. A worker who died in March of 2017 in a crane accident was the first worker to die at the plant in seven years. The mill opened in 1902 and has run continuously. This latest death was the 392ndworkplace fatality at the plant.


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