Top Ten Causes of Illinois Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are rarely caused by a singular event. Instead, motorcycle accidents often occur because of several factors working in conjunction with each other. Weather is one of those factors. Even though some of the hardiest motorcycle riders are out in the colder weather, motorbikes do not operate well in the rain. Motorcycle riders are at an elevated risk for a crash even if there is only a light drizzle. 

The age of a rider plays a significant role in causing accidents. Statistically, the average age of motorcycle riders killed in crashes is 42 years-of-age. Younger riders have become safer as a whole. However, riders from 20 to 29 are the most vulnerable to dying in a motorcycle accident. Older riders might experience more difficulty reacting and maneuvering their motorcycles, which can lead to accidents. Conversely, members of the youngest age bracket rider at higher speeds and take greater risks. 

The overwhelming volume of traffic is the greats threat to a motorcycle rider. Afternoon rush hour is the worst time to be out on a motorcycle. The number of cars on the road exponentially increases the danger of riding. Additionally, other drivers might engage in risky driving behavior, leading to an increased risk of a crash such as:

  • Driver of car or truck who engage in speeding.
  • Driving after consuming alcohol or drugs are the riskiest behaviors in which a motorcycle rider could be injured.
  • Inexperienced drivers are another danger to motorcyclists and they lack of time on the road leads to unpredictable driving behaviors because they do not know better.
  • Recklessness, on the other hand, is intentional behavior like racing, distracted driving, or tailgating.
  • Cars or trucks lacking antilock brakes.
  • Failing to observe traffic laws make motorcycle riding more dangerous. 
  • No seeing the motorcycle.
  • Red light runners
  • Failure to yield
  • Road rage


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