Victims of Tailgating Accidents Could Be Entitled to Justice

One of the most dangerous behaviors in which a motorist can engage is tailgating. Tailgating, or riding very close to the car in front, is inherently dangerous to the occupants of the vehicle in front in addition to the vehicles behind due to the danger of a pile-up accident. Victims of tailgating accidents, whether they are a person who was riding in a car hit by a tailgating motorist who sustained a severe injury or the family member of a person who died in an accident with a tailgating driver, have many valuable rights. 

Tailgating is a selfish act that stems from road rage, impatience, or inattention. Tailgating typically occurs when the operator of one vehicle believes the car in front is driving slowly. Due to impatience or an inability to control one’s anger, the driver gets right on the other driver’s bumper. They try to force the other motorist out of their way. However, there is no room for error in this situation. If the car in front must brake for any reason, there will be no time for the tailgating operator to respond and a collision will be inevitable. 

In today’s ego-driven society, many people believe that they are the arbiters of the traffic flow and they will take out their aggressions on people whom they think have slighted them. Road rage then ensues. Filled with vengeance, the sighted motorist will speed up and get right behind the other car. Not only is this maneuver dangerous, but it is also illogical and serves no legitimate purpose. Notwithstanding, people do it every day and cause violent accidents.

Other people might tailgate due to inattention. A person paying attention to his or her smartphone could unwittingly get too close to the car in front merely because he or she failed to watch the road. 

Tailgating causes thousands of rear-end accidents daily. Rear-end collisions can cause any number of injuries including whiplash, back injuries, concussions, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and death. Therefore, you should speak with a tailgating accident attorney about your rights if you are the victim of a tailgating accident.