Last Updated: January 30, 2018 at 8:35 AM PST

Location: Dupont, Washington (near Olympia, WA)

Washington Amtrak Derailment Accident Lawsuit Lawyers

Mayor of Lakewood Predicted the New Amtrak Rail Line Would Lead to a Fatal Accident

NTSB: “Friends and family seeking information related to #Amtrak501 should call @Amtrak at 1-800-523-9101.”

Updated Traffic Information by Khou– Southbound Interstate 5 near DuPont will be closed for the morning commute. Drivers are encouraged to take state routes instead. Northbound I-5 will stay open.

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Amtrak Derailment Survivor & Eyewitness Account

Amtrak Train Was Speeding – Traveling at 80 MPH in 30-MPH Zone Says the NTSB

According to newly released Dupont, WA Amtrak Derailment Accident Report from investigators at The National Transportation Safety Board (an independent U.S. government investigative agency responsible for civil transportation accident investigation Wikipedia), the train was traveling 80 mph in a 30-MPH zone. The NTSB investigators arrived at the accident scene last night and will be spending the day combing through the wreckage looking for clues to help them determine the cause of the accident.

What makes this accident even more tragic is that the train plummeted onto the busy highway below. This may have caused even more injuries or deaths to travelers who were in automobiles and were unfortunately in harm’s way.

According to reports, it may take months or even a full year to determine the official cause of the accident. However, the train was alleged to be moving to fast for this section of tracks. Federal investigators confirmed that the train was moving at 80 MPH in a 30-MPH zone. So the train was moving 50 MPH over the speed limit when the Amtrak train in Washington derailed.

Amtrak Derailment Occurred Along the New $181 Million Rail Corridor in Dupont, WA

According to new reports, the fatal Amtrak train derailment accident on Monday occurred on a stretch of rebuild corridor in Dupont, Washington. The purpose of rebuilding this section of track was to make this Seattle and Portland trip much more reliable and safe.

Amtrak Cascades 501, with 78 passengers and 5 crew aboard. This was the 1st  scheduled trip using the new 14.5-mile “bypass” corridor / track route from Tacoma to DuPont.

Janet Matkin, spokeswoman for the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). stated that “The railcars derailed onto I-5 on an old overpass that was outfitted with new rails… There are no switches in the immediate area.”

Amtrak Derailment in Washington State Kills at Least 7, Injures Over 72

Amtrak Cascades 501 had 5 crew members and 78 passengers aboard. It has been reported that this tragedy took the lives of at least 7 people and 10 of the 72 injury victims are listed in serious condition. All 72 injured passengers were taken to nearby hospitals. It is unclear if there are still victims trapped inside the train wreckage at this time. There are some reports of good news. A baby survived the accident unhurt. Many of the passengers are thanking nearby pedestrians who rushed in to help save lives and help the victims get to the hospital. Dozens of volunteers from a nearby military base also came to the scene to provide emergency assistance and help save lives.

Injury Victims (Train or Highway Commuters) Have a Legal Right For Compensation

If you have been injured or if you have a loved one who was killed due to this tragic train derailment, you need to protect your legal rights. Our law firm is accepting cases to help those victimized by this tragedy.

We are happy to take the time to answer whatever questions you may have concerning your case against Amtrak. We will discuss the how we will build your case to help you receive a full Amtrak derailment settlement or prepare your case for trial. While this is something we do every day, you most likely have not been through a situation like this, and the opportunity to speak directly with an experienced train accident claims lawyer for free is something you cannot afford to pass up.

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