Winnebago County Coroner Releases Identity of Victim in Fatal Route 173 Crash

WINNEBAGO COUNTY, IL- writes that the identity of the victim of a fatal accident on Route 173 in Winnebago County, Illinois has been released by the county coroner. The victim was identified as 24-year-old Alexandria Dobyns of Harvard, Illinois.

Reports indicate that Dobyns was in a vehicle but exited close to the intersection of Caledonia Road and Route 173. She was hit by a car at about 5:15 in the evening on Friday, November 30, 2018. Several people in the area, including a firefighter, attempted to aid Dobyns. The firefighter performed CPR. Emergency responders transported Dobyns to a nearby hospital where she died from her injuries.

The driver of the vehicle that struck Dobyns stayed at the scene. No one else suffered injuries in the accident.

Pedestrian accidents have been increasing throughout the United States in recent years. Last year and the previous year reached a 25 year high of 6,000 pedestrian fatalities. There are many factors that could be leading to the rise, including more vehicles on the road because of lower gas prices and a better economy, more large vehicles like SUVs on the road creating greater risks to pedestrians, the legalization of marijuana in many states, and distracted driving and walking.

While automobile manufacturers have been improving on crash prevention technology, most systems are only able to prevent a car from hitting another vehicle or other large object. However, newer systems are being developed that are capable of identifying other risks, such as pedestrians and cyclists. These types of technology could be the next major breakthrough in making the roads safer for everyone.

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