7-Year-Old Dies in Zipline Accident Prompting Lawsuit Against My Gym

GLEN ELLYN, IL- Patch.com writes that a child died from injuries sustained in a zip line accident in Glen Ellyn that took place while the boy was attending a birthday party. The victim, 7-year-old Brady Doherty fell from the zip line in September 2018 and struck his head on an unpadded pole and then the cement floor. Brady suffered severe injuries to his skull and his brain. Two days after the fall, the child died from the injuries.*

The lawsuit filed by the boy’s family states that the facility did not provide a spotter, a helmet, or a harness to the children at My Gym. The location of the accident shut down for a little over a week following the tragic accidentbut then reopened.

The attorney for Brady’s family is hoping that the MyGym locations will remove their zip linesto prevent additional accidents from happening.

Ziplines have become popular attractions across the United States and in many international tourist destinations. It is difficult to determine how dangerous theactivity is because there are no clear numbers regarding how many people participate in the activity. There are thousands of zip lineinjuries reported annually. In 2012, the number of people hurt in zip lineincidents was over 3,600. There are a number of deaths reported from the activity as well.

Part of the issue with ziplines is that the industry has grown quickly, and safety regulations have not managed to keep up. Many of the existing regulations are meant for amusement parks and do not adequately translate to zip lineattractions. In Illinois, zip lineparks are overseen by the labor department, but even the agency responsible for regulating the industry varies by state.

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