Ambulance Accident in West Rogers Park

ROGERS PARK, IL- writes* that six people are recovering from injuries after a collision took place between an ambulance and an SUV on Tuesday on Chicago’s North Side in the neighborhood of Roger’s Park.

The ambulance was transporting a patient and was using its emergency lights when an SUV struck the ambulance at the intersection of Richmond and Granville. The Chicago police say that the SUV failed to stop at the intersection.

One of the paramedics sustained severe injuries and was transported to the St. Francis Hospital in Evanston. Another paramedic and an officer who were both in the back of the ambulance were taken to the samelocation.

The patient traveling in the ambulance was transported to the Illinois Masonic Center where he is reportedly in serious condition.

Two adults were in the vehicle SUV, andboth suffered non-life-threating injuries and were taken to the Masonic Medical Center for treatment.

Ambulances and other emergency vehicles are often driving in high-stresssituations and need to get to their destination quickly. This is why they are given the right-of-way when they are operating their emergency lights. Unfortunately, ambulances are involved in some fatal accidents every year. Many of those killed are not actually in the ambulancebut are pedestrians, cyclists, or occupants of other vehicles.

While paramedics do a fair job of ensuring that their patients are buckled in, they are less likely to take the time and effort to secure their own safety belts and harnesses. This makes these emergency responders more likely to be injured in the event of a collision involving an ambulance.


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