Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois Discuss a Rush Hour Crash

Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois

Rush Hour Crash Causes Delays for Hours

Chicago, Illinois– May 14, 2018 ( According to a report from NBC Chicago, a motor vehicle wreck caused a portion of Interstate 57 northbound in Matteson to be closed during afternoon rush hour. Area drivers experienced significant delays in their commute, and those who were not yet caught up in the traffic near the accident scene were encouraged to use US-45 and US-50 instead of their usual routes.

While few details regarding the wreck mentioned above have been released, it seems as though there was more than one vehicle involved. Since roadways are crowded during morning and afternoon rush hour, accident risk increases during those times. Not only does the overall risk increase, the risk of a specific type of accident, the pile-up accident, also increases dramatically.

A pile-up crash is exactly what it sounds like. A vehicle collides with another vehicle or with an object. Since many cars are traveling close together, it doesn’t take much for a second, third, fourth, or even more vehicles to collide with the wrecked cars and create a situation in which many cars and victims are involved. Pile-up crashes are dangerous, especially during rush hour, because it can be tough for the occupants of crashed vehicles to exit them safely and get to a safe location, away from the wreckage. Sometimes, people get trapped inside of vehicles as additional cars pile onto the ones that were first to collide.

When a pile-up accident occurs during rush hour, emergency workers have a more difficult time getting to the crash scene than they would at other times of day because of the traffic. When they do arrive at the scene, efforts must be made in many different directions, rescuing accident victims, removing vehicles from the roadway, preventing additional collisions, and rerouting traffic in the area.

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