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A Bicyclist from Chesterton Was Killed by a Semi Truck According to Coroner

December 9, 2017 – (Post-Tribune)

Early Saturday, a man from Chesterton was killed in a bicycle accident. David A. Jones, 24-years-old, was killed while riding his bike. Mr. Jones was hit by a semi-tractor trailer truck. A witness to the accident stated that Mr. Jones was struck by the truck while he was trying to pedal his bicycle across Indiana 49. This was also later confirmed by the Porter County coroner.

An eye-witness account told police that Mr. Jones was biking in an eastbound direction and he was trying to cross the highway at around 4 AM. At that time, the 18-wheeler, which was traveling southbound,  struck Mr. Jones.

Coroner Chuck Harris stated that Mr. Jones succumbed his his injuries and died at the scene. Mr. Jones’ death was due to him receiving catastrophic, blunt force trauma injuries.

Toxicology tests are being performed on both Mr. Jones and the truck driver to determine if there were drugs or alcohol present.


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