Boy, 8, Killed by Alleged Drunk Driver

AURORA, Ill. — An eight-year-old boy died while crossing the street with his grandfather and sister after a motorist hit them. The driver took off from the scene where the boy was run down. WBBM News Radio 780 reported that the pedestrians were hit around 7:40 p.m. on Monday, March 25, 2019. Police also received a report of another hit-and-run collision that happened at the intersection where the pedestrians were injured about an hour earlier. The second hit-and-run crash at that intersection occurred within an hour, and police were able to apprehend that suspect. Police apprehended one person suspected to have been in the car that hit the pedestrians and fled. Police have not determined if the person arrested was the driver.

A grandfather was walking with an eight-year-old boy and the boy’s sister Monday evening and they attempted to cross Lake Street at the intersection with Plum Street. A vehicle headed south on Lake Street struck the boy and grandfather. The boy died, and the grandfather sustained injuries that required medical treatment. The sister, whose age was not given, did not suffer any injuries. Medics transported the grandfather to a nearby hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. 

The offending vehicle sped away from the scene. Witnesses told police that they saw the crash and then observed the vehicle with massive front-end damage park down the street. At least two people got out of the damaged vehicle and ran away. It was not clear how police managed to apprehend one of the fleeing suspects. Officers have asked for help from the public locating the person who fled from the car killed the boy.

While police were investigating that tragedy, a 48-year-old man crashed a minivan into a police car that was blocking the road where the pedestrian accident happened. The minivan driver drove a short distance away, and police apprehended him. Officers opined that the driver was intoxicated and arrested him. He faces a slew of charges. A police officer was stationed in the patrol car that was hit. He went to the hospital to be checked out and was later released. 


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