Brake Safety Day Reveals Many Brake Violations on Commercial Vehicles in the United States

(Go By Truck News) Go By Truck News reports the results of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Brake Safety Day, which occurred earlier this year, on April 25. Forty-one states and eleven Canadian provinces participated in the effort, conducting a total of over eleven thousand roadside inspections on commercial vehicles. As the result of those inspections, over one thousand five hundred trucks were declared “out of service” for brake violations.

In the United States, the percentage of trucks with brake violations was fourteen percent, and in Canada, the percentage was just over twelve percent. This means that approximately eighty-five percent of all commercial vehicles that got inspected had no critical violations related to their brakes. Brake failure is a factor in some tractor-trailer accidents. Brake components require constant maintenance and replacement of wearable pieces, especially on commercial vehicles, which drive many thousands of miles every year. Regular, unexpected inspections are a good way for officials to spot violations before they become evident in a crash.

The results of a study conducted by the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration indicate that large trucks that are involved in wrecks where braking capacity is a critical factor in the outcome of the crash are fifty percent more likely to be found to have a brake violation than vehicles that involved in wrecks where braking capacity is not tied to the causation or outcome of the crash.

Brake Safety Week is coming up in September, and both Brake Safety Day and Brake Safety Week are designed to create awareness of the importance of maintaining commercial vehicle braking systems in a safe condition. The owners of commercial vehicles are responsible for ensuring that the cars in their fleets get the regular maintenance and inspection that they need to reduce accident risk and avoid violations.

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