Car Entrapment After an Accident

Trapped in a Car During a Car Crash

The power generated by a motor vehicle colliding with another creates a tremendous amount of force and pushes and pulls the cars, and the people inside, in unnatural ways. The power of an impact with another car can flip a vehicle or send the car off of the road, causing it to roll over. Anytime a motor vehicle comes off of its tires, the chances are high that the people inside the car may become trapped.

Flipped autos or rollover accidents are not the only way that a person might become trapped in an Illinois accident. A head-on collision, a t-bone crash, or a rear-end collision can trap a passenger seated anywhere in the vehicle. The speed, direction of travel, the height, weight, and safety features of the autos involved in a crash could determine if someone gets trapped. A collision from any direction could pin the doors shut, push the steering column into the driver, fold the roof down, or cave in the backseat. 

Wearing safety belts and driving cars filled with airbags, crumple zones, and other safety measures will help protect the occupants, but even the most sophisticated safety features cannot adequately safeguard Illinois accident victims who become trapped in their vehicles because of a collision. The person trapped in a demolished or overturned car is prone to severe injury or even death if not freed immediately. Rescuers might try to break the glass and drag a person to safety. If not, firefighters will need to use cutting tools, spreading tools, and prying tools such as the Jaws-of-Life to free a trapped accident victim.

The mangled and crushed metal will do severe damage to the person trapped within a vehicle crushed in an accident. Broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal damage, severe lacerations, amputations, internal injuries, deflated or punctured lungs, and other catastrophic injuries can occur, assuming the trapped accident victim survives.  


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