Chicago Car Accident and the Other Driver Had No Insurance

Were you involved in a car accident and the negligent driver did not have insurance? Almost 15% of the drivers on the road in Illinois do not have insurance. According to the Insurance Research Council almost 1 in every 7 drivers in the country are uninsured. In 2012 uninsured motorist claims totaled $2.6 billion. If you have car insurance or live with a family member that has insurance than you are entitled to a recovery for your injuries.

If the other driver did not have car insurance, you are NOT prevented from receiving a personal injury settlement. Unlike the driver with no insurance, you have been paying your insurance premiums every month and therefore automatically have certain coverage’s that protect you in the event the other driver failed to carry insurance coverage. Whether you know it or not, you have been regularly paying insurance premiums to receive coverage in the event this happens.

The law in Illinois requires your insurance company to provide you with something called Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UM) that protects you in the event you are struck by an uninsured driver OR a hit-n-run driver. Under Illinois law, the insurance company provides you with UM coverage equal to the bodily injury limits of your policy. That is a requirement. Your insurance company will provide coverage for you and your household family members and the occupants of your car.

Since most people are unaware or unfamiliar with Uninsured Motorist Coverage, many clients seem hesitant to file a claim under this part of their policy. Some are concerned that their insurance company will drop them or raise their rates. The accident was not your fault so you will not be punished by your own insurance company for filing a claim when the other driver hit-and-ran or did not have any insurance coverage. The reason you pay premiums each month is the make sure you have this type of coverage when you need it.

Medical bills today can be astronomical and even with great health insurance coverage you still have to come out of pocket for co-pays and treatment costs prior to hitting your health insurance deductible. Couple this to the fact that you’re missing time from work and you start to confront major financial issues. Your car insurance covers these expenses. Your medical bills are covered and you are entitled to money for your pain and suffering and lost time from work.

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