Chicago Officers Hurt in Dramatic Crash Captured on Video

CHICAGO, Ill. — Spectacular crashes like the accident captured on surveillance video recently in Chicago should only happen in the movies. The surveillance video trained on a busy Chicago intersection shows a Chicago police sports utility vehicle proceeding safely through an intersection when a car comes speeding into the frame from the right side. The speeding vehicle slams into the police SUV in which two officers were riding. Luckily, the two officers did not sustain serious injuries. The driver who slammed into the police officers’ SUV was hurt. Investigating officers opined that the driver was under the influence and placed him in custody. The crash happened in the late evening according to Fox 8 Cleveland. * 

The camera that captured the crash was fixed on the intersection perfectly as though a Hollywood director was calling the shots. The view from the traffic camera high above the intersection shows the Chicago Police SUV-styled cruiser enter the intersection headed toward the camera after proceeding when the light turned green. From out of nowhere, a Honda Civic may be seen barreling into the intersection at a high rate of speed. The Civic caused a T-bone collision with the cruiser. The impact was on the rear of the cruiser on the driver’s side. The momentum of the crash tossed the cruiser around on its front wheels while its rear wheels came off of the ground. The force of the collision threw the cruiser into another car that was turning right immediately behind the police car.

The officers, who were policing out of the 19thDistrict, were hurt but were in stable condition. The driver of the speeding car was placed under arrest for drunk driving. A blood test showed that his blood alcohol concentration was nearly two and one-half times the legal limit. Investigating officers said that the man ran through a red light before crashing into the police car. The driver’s medical condition is not known at this time.