Distracted Driving Awareness in April Promotes Driver Awareness All Year

Anna, Illinois– April 26, 2018 (WSIL ABC 3) According to a report on WSIL ABC 3, April is distracted driving awareness month. Law enforcement officials are hoping that their increased presence on the roads this month and focus on catching distracted drivers in the act will promote driver awareness throughout the year. Distracted driving causes a lot of accidents, especially among younger drivers. Nearly sixty percent of motor vehicle wrecks in Illinois that involve teen drivers are caused by distracted driving. Ten percent of fatal car accidents in Illinois are caused by drivers who are distracted. Nationwide, over three thousand people die every year in accidents caused by distracted drivers, and nearly four hundred thousand more are injured.

Distracted drivers cause many different kinds of accidents, including tragic collisions with bicycles and pedestrians, failure to yield motorcycle accidents, and rear-end collisions. There are many behaviors that can distract drivers by diverting their attention away from the road. Cell phone use, texting, and even turning around to talk to passengers in the back seat are common distractions. Some distractions, like taking selfies or videos while driving, applying makeup, reading books or newspapers, shaving, and knitting are so obvious that you might think that no one would even try to do those things while they are driving. Unfortunately, people do those and other things while driving every day, putting themselves and others at risk.

There are three main categories of distractions, and any activity that could be included in any of these categories must be avoided by drivers. Manual distractions, such as eating, require you to take your hands off of the wheel. Cognitive distractions, such as intense conversations or daydreaming, take your mind off of the task of driving. Visual distractions like texting cause you to focus your eyes on something other than the road.


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