Family of Motorcyclist Who Died From Hitting Pothole to Get $4 million from City of Chicago

Chicago, IL- reports that the City of Chicago will be paying the family of a motorcyclist $4 million after the motorcyclist was killedin an accident caused by a pothole.

The city agreed to the settle the claim with the family of the victim. The accident occurred in November of 2010 when Carlo Kintanar, 31, hit a pothole causing him to be ejected from his motorcycle and thrown into traffic. Kintanar was then struck by another vehicle.

Potholes can be problematic for people traveling in any vehicle, not just for those riding motorcycles. The AAA writes that even minor pothole issues can lead to vehicle damage, especially to the tires and suspensions. The damage can be expensive to fix, but in the worse scenarios, drivers who hit potholes, or who make sudden attempts to avoid hitting a pothole, can cause serious car accidents. In the case of motorcycles, accidents are more likely and often more severe.

Motorcycles lack the stability of cars meaning that road conditions put motorcyclists at a greater risk of being involved in accidents. Two-wheeledvehicles do not offer the protections of cars either. There is no enclosed cabin on a motorcycle meaning that even a minor crash makes riders more vulnerable than other vehicle occupants. All of this together means that motorcyclists are at a much higher risk of being killed than are people in other vehicles. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that the risk of death is 39 times higher for motorcyclists than it is for people driving in cars.

In order to stay safe, motorcyclists should remain alert, stay sober, make themselves visible, and alwayswear a helmet.

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