Fatal Truck Accident Lawsuits

Driving around massive semi-trucks is anxiety causing for many people. These huge vehiclesoutweigh passenger cars by 20 or 30 times and collisions between trucks and smaller vehicles disproportionatelyend in people in the smaller vehicles being killed.

In recent years, large truck-relateddeaths have risen across the United States by incredible margins. According to government data, in 2016, 4,300 people died in crashes involving large trucks. If planes killed that many people, it would mean two 737s would be involved in fatal crashes killing everyoccupanttwice each month, and if trains killed as many people, the public would be fighting for change.

For some reason, truck fatalities continue to occur, andpeople seem to accept the toll as inevitable.

One of the reasons for the increase seems to be that speed limits have been on the rise across the country. Speed limits of 70 or 80 miles per hour exist in far more places than they did just a decade ago.

The human body is not made to withstandhigh-speedcar crashes. Even at 45 miles per hour, the chances of survival are not strong. At higher speeds, the survival rate plummets.

When there are faster cars, andmore cars on the road, the risk of fatal crashes increases, withtrucks, the chances that a crash will be deadly are even higher.

Another problem is that trucks are not required to meet the highest possible safety standards, Drivers are able to travel for long stretches making it likely that they will beginto become fatigued, and safety equipment such as automated collision avoidancetechnology is not required in trucks despite findings that it could save many lives.

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