Filing a Successful Slip-and-Fall Claim Against Costco

Thousands of customers pass through Illinois Costco stores weekly. They purchase items in bulk from Costco’s warehouse-like store. Costco’s cavernous stores are filled with potential dangers. Like all other stores in Illinois, Costco must protect its customers from injury. That means the store must take precautions to guard against patrons slipping and falling on liquids that have slipped on the floor or tripping over a display or another hazard controlled by the store. Furthermore, Costco has the responsibility to inspect its premises including the parking areas, to make sure no dangers are lurking about that could injure an innocent customer.

If you sustained an injury in a slip-and-fall incident at Costco in Illinois, you have rights. To protect your valuable rights, you must consult with a knowledgeable, successful, and aggressive Illinois slip-and-fall attorney. Costco has a significant incentive to fight claims filed against it. Costco would be susceptible to many false claims if it garnered the reputation as a company that will settle easily and quickly with anyone who files a complaint against it. Therefore, you need a lawyer who understands how to build a successful case for you.

The Illinois slip-and-fall lawyers with Stein & Shulman LLP have successfully fought big-box stores like Costco and settled slip-and-fall claims in their clients’ favor. Stein & Shuman’s slip-and-fall lawyers understand how to procure persuasive evidence that will convince Costco’s insurance company to resolve the case rather than risk going to court.

Making such a compelling case starts with preparation. Your Stein & Shuman slip-and-fall lawyer will gather all of the evidence from Costco like surveillance videos if they exist and photographs to show the defect in the premises that caused your injury. Also, your Stein & Shulman attorney will collect all of your medical records and, if necessary, will discuss your case with your doctors to arrive at a precise diagnosis and prognosis for your injury, as well as an opinion about what caused your injuries. Lastly, your lawyers will accumulate all of your lost wage information and other pertinent evidence to prove to Costco’s lawyers that justice demands you receive a significant financial settlement for your Costco slip-and-fall claim.


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