How Much is My Slip and Fall Injury Worth in Illinois?

Slip and fall accidents can lead to severe injuries. These injuries can lead to costly medical bills andother expenses. Fortunately, sometimes people who sustain these injuries can collect compensation for the harm done to them. A property owner is sometimes liable for falls that take place on their property. One important factor when determining whether to sue a property owner after a slip and fall accident is how much the claim might be worth.

The first consideration in determining the value of a claim is the cost of medical care related to the incident. This will include the existing medical bills and estimates regarding the cost of future medical care. Damages related to pain and suffering can often be collected as well. Calculating the pain and suffering damages will depend on the level of injury and the long-term impact and the cost of existing and projected medical bills. Courts may use a multiplier that involves the level of the injuries to determine a multiplier and times that number by the cost of medical care. The more lasting and impactful the harm, the higher the multiplier will likely be.

If the injury causes a person to miss work,the lost money can be collected as well, and if the injury causes a person to become incapable of doing their old job, then there is a chance to collect for the loss of earning capacity.

Damages can also include incidental costs such as gas money to pay for transportation to and from appointments for accident-related treatments.

Recently, a woman claims to have broken her ankle at the Lake Meadows Shopping Mall in Chicago while she was walking in the parking lot. The woman sued the land owner for $50,000 in compensatory damages.

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