How to File a Slip-and-Fall Claim Against Mariano’s Grocery Stores

Every person who enters a store in Illinois to shop has the right to be protected by the store against injuries. Patrons of grocery stores like Mariano’s are particularly vulnerable to slip and fall incidents leading to severe injuries. The operators of Mariano’s should anticipate that food from its shelves will fall onto the floor and become a hazard for shoppers and employees alike. 

Illinois law protects shoppers from injuries sustained in slip and fall incidents by allowing injured customers to file a damage claim against the store. Illinois law obligates Mariano’s, and every other grocery store in the state, to keep its premises free and clear from debris or make reasonable inspections to make sure their customers are not in danger. Even though Illinois law is clear, filing a claim against any store like Mariano’s is difficult.

Taking on a popular and profitable store like Mariano’s without the benefit of a tough, experienced Illinois grocery store slip-and-fall lawyer can be a tremendous mistake. Attorneys from Mariano’s insurance company assigned to defend Mariano’s against your claim will fight hard to protect their client. These lawyers have every incentive to minimize your claim by arguing that you were at fault for your fall or that your damages are less significant than you claim.

Having an attorney who dares to fight insurance company lawyers by your side will maximize your chance to obtain a substantial settlement. A slip-and-fall lawyer from Stein & Shulman LLP will try to get surveillance video from Mariano’s to show what happened, gather all of your medical records and a physician’s opinion, if necessary, about how you were injured and the seriousness of your injuries. Additionally, they will collect all of your lost wage information to make the best case for you and your family against Mariano’s grocery stores. You only have one opportunity to file a claim for damages against Mariano’s. Do not trust your valuable rights to just any law firm.


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