Insurance Claims Following a Car Crash

Car accidents are, at worst, tragic, but even minor crashes can end up being stressful, frustrating and expensive. Fortunately, at least some of the costs affiliated with the crash will be covered by your insurance provider, or by another person’s insurance provider if someone else was liable for the crash.

After a crash, the police may arrive and take statements and look at the scene of the crash. Insurance companies may use the police reports to make determinations about what occurred. It is important that you take note of what happened as wellespeciallyif no law enforcement officers are on the scene.

Take photos of the scene as these can be used as evidence of what transpired. Get the names and contact information from other people involved and from people who might have witnessed what occurred.

IT is a good idea to make a call to the insurance company while you are at the crash scene. The insurance carrier can help tell you how to proceed with reporting the crash, and getting your vehicle towed if it is not operable.

The cost of repairs on the vehicle might be covered by your insurance provider, but if some other individual was to blame for causing the collision, then that driver’s insurance might be required to cover the costs.

If the damage to the vehicle is severe, the carrier might not pay for repairs, but might instead say that the vehicle was a total loss. This will be the case if the repairs would costclose to the value of the vehicle.

It is possible to dispute the valuation of the vehicle if you believe that the insurance company has undervalued yourcar.

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